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Schön: Red September spring/summer 2024
The clothing in our wardrobe represents who we are — an expression of our dreams, desires, and who we want to be. For Red September, they believe fashion serves as a therapy session in itself — a place where the clothes speak for you and comfort you during times of pain and joy.
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SICKY: Red September Spring/Summer 2024 “Therapy”
Fashion serves as a reflection of our inner world, a canvas for the age-old battle between light and dark that wages within us. Red September’s Men’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, crafted by creative director Olga Vasyukova, boldly explores this concept, turning fashion into a therapist for our souls.
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Vanity Teen: episode1: Episode1: VACUUM Episode2: ENDORPHINS Episode3: THERAPY
Fashion is a state of mind.
The wardrobe is the container that contains it, ideally and concretely.
Fashion is expression of our soul, of its intimate needs and the wardrobe is the metaphorical border of human chaos in which “good” and “evil” take turns in an internal conflict that has lasted for millennia.
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Fucking Young: Red September spring/summer 2024
In the Men’s SS24 Red September collection, we witness fashion as contemporary therapy, where the soul is turned inside out, and seams become expressions of the self.
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L’OFFICIEL ITALIA: Red September primavera estate 2024
Dopo la prima collezione intitolata “Vacuum”, Red September ritorna con un secondo capitolo dal nome “Endorphins”, un inno alla pace, alla resilienza e alla collaborazione senza confini - valori nel DNA del brand.
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METAL MAGAZINE: Red September fashion is a state of mind
Today, we look at their most recent release, Therapy, their Spring/Summer 2024 collection. This collection takes the form of contemporary therapy and it’s filled with nuances.
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Fucking Young: Red September Fall/Winter 2023
Red September has named its new collection “Vacuum”, which is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as a space with little or no matter or from which most or all of the matter has been removed.
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L’OFFICIEL ITALIA: Red September: the new “Vacuum” collection
Red September's autumn-winter 23/24 collection interprets the "bubble phenomenon" and solitude by referring to the "vacuum", the space where silence and emptiness reign
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