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About us

Red September is a high street fashion brand established by Olga Vasyukova in 2018. The independent, ironic, and bold brand works out as gender-fluid and creates its own communication language through reimagining the cultural-symbolic code.


Olga Vasyukova completed her Fashion Design studies at Polimoda and was qualified as a railroad engineer. It is for this reason that her collections always include plenty of intricately cut items with elements of deconstruction and reverse engineering.


The distinctive features of Red September are symbols of post-Soviet counterculture and their interpretation – from visual citations to silhouettes popular in the past decades.


Brand’s collections feature pullovers and cardigans, jeans and trousers, dresses and skirts, oversized leather jackets and woolen coats. Many of them are adorned with the designer prints that have become a hallmark of the brand. With Red September, the social and political changes in the past years and the street fashion legacy turn into elements of communication with the outer world, forming a lively dialogue by its product.


The freedom of expression, sincerity, quality, and balance of the interior and the exterior are paramount in each collection. Besides the attention to cutting, materials and convenience, the brand helps to draft a context of the current social changes to rethink them.


Red September gives an impulse to think beyond stereotypes through reimagining the cultural symbols and believes that the content overrides form, while the combination of incompatible colors, fabrics or styles allows designers to create new meanings.

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Для постоянных клиентов Red September действует специальная бонусная программа при оформлении заказов online.
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